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Our Revolutionary Sensor

Designed to blend in. Our AI enabled sensor uses the latest in deep learning technology. It works day & night to deliver accurate utilization data wirelessly, securely and anonymously for your business.


A Strong Foundation

Real-time, any workspace type, our sensor anonymously captures accurate utilization data, down to the seat. This is the foundation of understanding true workplace utilization and behaviour.

Truly Passive

Your workplace is unique. Work how you want. No need to carry anything, install apps, enable Bluetooth or connect to Wifi. Our sensor understands every part of your workspace as is.


AI Powered Analytics

Our analytics presents optimal workspace recommendations, enabling you to maximize workspace effectiveness and minimize costs.

More Features

We have designed our product for a seemless rollout throughout your global portfolio.

Long life battery or powered

Secure & anonymous

Instant installation

Cost effective

Accurate to a desk

Real-time data

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